Dyeing is outsourced by long term tie up with great strengths with using the ECO Friendly / AZO dyestuffs order to meet grade 4 in color Fastness to Washing, Rubbing, Light, and Chlorine Bleach. We are fully confident to provide the much better Re-wash products.


We are having the facility of own weaving with well equipped modern sectional warping, rapier and Projectile technology machines. Automatic electronic ends' breakage stop motions systems ensure there are no loose ends in fabrications and have capacity to meet mass productions in short time.


The color patterns and designs fixed (printed) accurately and withstands multiple washing and rough friction. The possible kinds of dyes are stretched to be printed on various fabrics and have experimental approach towards dyeing and printing.


The special task of embroidery or appliques is done according to consumer choices. The bulk and complex designs are computerized using CAD by experienced and skilled designers bringing fresh designs to our customers.


Well trained capable tailors with advanced equipped sewing machine which fitted with special features for efficient stitch control process and which can deliver sewing techniques with mass outputs per day.


The packaging is the process of wrapping, compressing, filling or creating of goods for the purpose of protection and their appropriate handling. This is the final process in the production of garments, which prepares the finished merchandise for delivery to the customer. It is an important part of the manufacturing process. Also use to get lot of attention from the customer. All the filling material products pass through needle detection method also. Above the operations come under the materials handling methods and are no less important than other systems used in the factory. After completing the entire manufacturing task, goods are to be packed. After packing, it is placed in cartons as per instructions and then it is stored in a store section before it is delivered to the respective buyer.